Thursday, May 03, 2007


Quote of the day: It is easier to get forgiveness than permission.
WHOA... that astrological exagerrated lie I posted that other day... could be true leh!! I came back from Seremban, then hor, cough non-stop. I didn't sleep for TWO days because the cough kept me awake! Worst ever cough I had! I think I've been cursed!

That aside, for the first time in maybe 5 years, I stepped into MidValley Megamall. I can't say it changed much, because I don't even remember how it was the last time I was in there. I bought a comfortable pair of Lewre shoes, without looking at the price tag! And I'm banging my head on the wall now. Daniel also tried on a pink leather 3 inch-er but it was way too big and sexy for him.

Notice there is less pictures now. Mua getting lazier...

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