Monday, July 16, 2018

VR Coding Workshop @ Me Books Nook - Sunway Citrine Hub - Medini

I don't know which one to talk about first, the VR Coding Workshop for children or the venue where it was held, because both are awesome!

Thanks to Facebook Ads, I saw the event by OwlnextEDU and what's rare is that it is in JB! This kind of workshop only happen in Singapore or KL, I thought. So I asked my boys if they were interested and of course they said yes. Also another rare phenomenon that my boys say yes to any learning activities I suggest. So I booked 2 seats last Friday and took leave from my work.

Getting to Sunway Citrine Hub was easy peasy. Waze knows the way. It was my first time in that area that was being developed by Sunway. Will talk more on that later. But first.... the venue.

It is GORGEOUS! Well, what's in it that is gorgeous.  This little book nook called Me Books Nook. I fell in love with that place instantly!

The workshop started with a video introduction to VR coding. The instructor is this cool techie dude who works well with children. 

Participants have to bring own laptops to log into to create their project. Wifi was a little slow at first but I think it worked out in the end. The other kids were from Sunway International School and Malborough College.

Everyone gets this googlecardboard VR piece. 

The workshop was held from 10am-4pm. I had planned to go home between that time but I ended up exploring the bookshop and the hub, and time just passed along nicely. It was a carefree, take-it-slow day and this is one of the most treasured quality time I had for myself.

The community mall is fairly new. There weren't many shops yet. So far, the only businesses in operation are Me Books Nook, M2L (language centre), Mr. DIY, Awesome Brew cafe, Heaven's Door Restaurant/Bar, Jaya Grocer, Sunway Pharmacy, 7-11 and Old Town Coffeeshop.

This is Me Books Nook on the 2nd floor.

Heaven's Door restaurant where the workshop participant have their lunch (provided).

Awesome Brew cafe. 

Very nice ambience. I felt like I was forced to slow down here.

My brunch that cost RM28. 

After peeling myself off the cafe chair, I explored a bit and saw Jaya Grocer.
This is quite a fancy supermarket, compared to the Giant we always go to. Kinda atas.

SO, here is the highlight of this post actually. The books! The beautiful gorgeous books that make you want to either live there or buy everything home.

Me Books Nook is an outlet of, you can find out more about them in the link. Their tagline is 'Instilling Values Beyond Pages' and raising lifelong readers. Their carefully curated collection are mostly award-winning children's books with beautiful illustration and the right amount of words on each pages. Perfect for reading to your little ones before bedtime.

They also carry some primary, secondary and A-level exercise books, brought in by University Bookstore Malaysia.

A small-but-enough collection of novels for teens and young adults. I found many good books here, that are recommended when you search 'best books for teens'. 

These are some of the books I laid my eyes on...

How could I resist not buying some home right? Flipping through the pages made me happy already.
I checked the price of the two novels on bookdepository and found out that this bookstore is just selling them about RM3 more. Not bad!

It was, a beautiful day indeed.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Felt Succulent DIY Project

This one must do. 

I start by painting my terracotta pots with acrylic paints that I bought from Art Friend (Clementi branch). 

After 3 coats.

To make the succulents, I searched for the best templates and found this, Think.Share.Make. The pdf attachment is linked in that blog. Instructions are also in the pdf file.

 These are what I cut out to make one succulent.

The full instructions is in that pdf file. Basically, fold every piece at an offset like this. For the first smallest piece, apply glue along the bottom edge and roll to create the center. Then attach the second petal around the center, followed by the next petal in a circular fashion.  

This is what you'll get!

Stamping the letters BLOOM on the pot. Didn't breath for this one...hahah.

Love these colours.

Which is your favourite?

Friday, June 29, 2018

Still at it...

Listening to Celine Dion's Ashes. The mood's been like this, you know, like the kind that you feel when you wonder what your life is about, what the world is becoming. The whats, the whys and the hows. I think I have grit. The trait that Angela Lee Duckworth talks about; grit, perseverance and self-control are the markers for success. I think I have them, or I would've gave up commuting to work for 3 hours on a daily basis. Would I? Sometimes, I wonder why I'm still at it. For once, I feel like giving up. Sigh, it's the phase again...

So, when this kind of phase hits me, I do what I do best. Sew and write.

The pen is gold. No, I mean it's gold. I love the way it held the nib at the angle that was just nice for me. This kinda cheered me up. 
(Moblique pen ordered from Stickerrific store)

I also finished this, after buying the IKEA's ELLY tea towel and sewing just a few of the designs and leaving it for months.

End product (of procrastination)

Hmm.. the 'before' product kinda looks nicer, no?

Yep, the quotes speak to me. 'Exhale fear, inhale courage'. I'm scared to let go of what I have now. But people always say, you may gain other things if you do. 

I really need a lot of courage, and foolishness.

Monday, May 21, 2018

Teacher's Day Floral Gift from Kaison

This year, I wanted to punch myself for being unprepared... again. How is it that I fail to learn my lesson even after 9 years of having school-going kids! And the thing is, I really really appreciate teachers, and I really really love putting together a kickass personalized Instagramable gift. But every year, my kids tell me one day before D-day. GAH!!

My boys would tell me, "Just get red pens". Yes, actually those are very practical. This year, we added whiteboard markers. I can't remember when was the last time teachers use chalks. Gone are the dusting-the-blackboard-duster-by-the-window-and-trying-not-to-breathe-in-the-powder days.
I included a sweet floral notebook from Mr. DIY and a pack of sweet treats.

There was something I wanted to give to a teacher from Convent, who was transferred to the school my eldest boy is going to. It just happened in January this year and she was devastated, so I wanted to cheer her up.

Found these in Kaison. Lovely! Amazing that I found all these with colour and hue that matched so well. 

After running around like a headless chicken, everything turned out ay-okay.

I will be more prepared next year...