Monday, May 14, 2007

I Was Young Again

Quote of the day: Opportunities always look bigger going than coming.

The last time I felt like I was in my early twenties, was when I could dance till 3am while breathing in a smoke-filled congested dance floor with music thumping through my internal organs, and NOT feel worn out. The last time was on Friday night at Ministry of Sound. It was invigorating! And friends always welcome a designated driver since I am alcohol intolerant. Malunya! Anyway, it was a good quick wake-me-up amidst my mundane life. But bad coughing bouts followed. Not good at all. The pain in my right chest is growing stronger as I cough.

The next day, my dad drove Daniel and I to Desaru beach to join a Lion's Club charity outing with some inmates from the Chesire Home and a calvary girl's home. Not very sunny, and tide was a little high. And because we only stepped onto the beach at 6pm, we could only spend an hour playing before it got dark and cold.

Then during dinner, some performances were put up by the inmates, where one Malay dude from Chesire Home sang a supposedly sad song, which had lyrics something like " Bapaku kahwin lagi".... "Rumahtangga porak-peranda..."
Then there's this Chinese dude who sang 'Chan Mali Chan', and changed the entire songs as he like. "Dimana dia, buah hati saya..... dia tak pakai baju..."

Migod. Anyway, we all burst into laughter. At that point, I realize I was taking life too seriously. There was something about that night that taught me something, or at least, reminded me of something. Nobody was embarrased to stand on the small wooden stage and sing and dance. They weren't professional entertainers, they didn't sing Grammy-worth songs or danced like Justin Timberlake. It was all so... simple and innocent. I miss that.

Mother's Day was next, and it was a day of eating. First, lunch at a new Japanese buffet restaurant. Not bad. Daniel had coffee cakes and was running around after that. Aww, he takes after me. The back to mom's place for a nap. Off to dinner at another new restaurant, Korean BBQ. Not bad as well, and kids-friendly, meaning they have a little corner for toys, and plenty of room to run around.

The side dishes spread.

Delicious pork belly!

Curious and hungry.

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Angeline said...

yummylicious. i love korean food.