Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Quote of the day: If you had to identify, in 1 word, the reason why the human race has not achieved, & never will achieve, its full potential, that word would be “meetings”.

My favourite pastime these days is reading blogs. Blogs of friends, strangers and the cyber-celebrities, mostly local. I enjoy it because it's almost like watching TV where there are news, drama, announcements, personal experiences, parenting experiences and travelogues etc. I especially enjoy reading blogs of those who goes places and is leading the high-flying life. Not that I feel like I'm missing out, it's just entertaining. Like watching the Discovery Travel & Living channel. I wish I could provide a blog like that, but I don't go on holidays 5 times a year, nor I attend parties and gala events every week. But that's fine because it's not the lifestyle I want anyway.

So, being a simple girl, leading a routine simple life, I can only share what I heard on the radio yesterday. Apparently, a law in Korea requires companies/this particular company to pay their female workers 'Mentrual Pay'. Monthly pay for having period. And a particular company did not fulfil this for a year, and so, was sued by the women, and now, each female woker is compensated a thousand over dollars. Now that's BLOOD money!!

This is what I've just started taking. After strong recommendation from colleagues. It seems like Chinese medicine is more miraculous than the western drugs. Well, I'll see how my cough goes tomorrow, or the next...


Angeline said...

who are these people leading the high life and going places? I want to read too life is boring.

Ally said...

One of them is our dear friend, Amanda lor. Work in advertising agency.. glam life. Then there are a few, mostly Malaysians who goes clubbing every weekend. Sometimes after reading their blogs, I wonder, drinking, clubbing, socializing so much, not tired meh? Anyway here are some that you can check out: and (this is my current interest coz she's a single mom, from malaysia and working in spore) (fire-mouthed)

There's also this blogger, kinkybluefairy, you can google it, who I saw in one of the pictures in Amanda's blog. Apparently, they got acquainted and goes clubbing together, something like that.

Enjoy! Actually you can find them in Kenny sia's blog. He has the accessible links in his blog.

Bubbles said...

I would love to read more of my friends' and other ppl's blogs too but I sometimes don't even have time to post on my own blog!

Blogging became a trend about the time i retired from clubbing so I've a lot less to blog about and a lot less pics to post up now.

So my posts are a little about event and more about life, travel and trends these days.

Yes it is tiring to go out clubbing several times a week. It's a lot easier and more exciting when you're younger since it's all a new exceprience. After a few years, you go to the same old places and see the same old faces. As u get older, u also get jaded and socializing at the level almost becomes a bother. Eventually, a quiet night at home seems like the most welcome idea.

But for those who blog about parties and clubbing, they have to constantly go out whether they like it or not because without posts on events and pics of celebrities and pretty ppl, their blog will lose readership.

I love Kenny Sia's blogs. He's such an entertaining writer.

Fairy and I hardly club as much together these days since I've retired but we still often see each other at events.