Friday, May 11, 2007

The Eagle Has Landed!

Quote of the day: Nobody cares if you can’t dance well. Just get up and dance.

Yesterday, my package arrived from the US of A ( I just love Borat). I can't remember when was the last time I was happy like a little girl. Online shopping is indeed THE retail therapy.

Since I so bo-liao, I will share the visuals. But hubby has the camera in Beijing, so mua had to settle with my camera phone.

My package


Chipboard Goodie Boxes

I opened the packets and displayed all the chipboards on my dining table. Go ahead and laugh.


Now comes the toughest part. How do I use them. They're so pretty I just want to display them on my table solely for admiring!

I also bought these stamping tools, with rubber alphabet stamp set. I will post more about this new toy.

In case you're wondering, what are all those rubbish for? Well, in America especially, many stay-at-home moms indulge in this highly creative hobby called scrapbooking. It's been around for a long time I guess, and it's only getting more popular here in Singapore, and maaaaaaybe Malaysia. But not quite, because those 'rubbish' are not cheap here after the currency conversion. But if you're living in America, these things are like normal grocery price. Morever, most of the popular designs and brandname ( yes, they are branded goods!) are American, and it's not like you can easily reproduce or find pirated versions here.

Scrapbooking is basically arranging a layout of your favourite memorable photos, and decorating it, for keepsake. Most of the gorgeously-designed papers and decorative items are acid-free and lignin-free, which means they won't fade, discolour or develop those 'age' spots, and they also keep the quality of your photos as it is, in many years.

Back to the cost of this hobby. A box of alphabet chipboards that contains over 100 pieces, it costs USD9.90. But here, it costs S$25 ( actual conversion USD9.90 = S$15), and if it's in Malaysia, perhaps RM 35. Now, that won't be a sustainable hobby...too costly unless you're a tai-tai of a rich husband, or a rich kid. Yes, I'm talking about a potential business here, but it's too risky.

So, what exactly again is scrapbooking? Here's some layouts to give you an idea.

Why did I bought all those pretty rubbish? Simply because they're so pretty, and irresistable to NOT get them. And I don't scrapbook. So, I'll start. But that's not my main passion. My main passion is making greeting cards, which I am working very hard on to 'build' my samples which I will blog about more in near future. And my tools are growing!

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Anonymous said...

Hi...sorry to bulge in...i just came across ur blog..oh my god...i am so madly in love with ur crafts thingsssssssss........can u tell me which online shop did u get these tools from? ohhhhhh goshh..i'm so so in loveeeee with ur toolssssssss...pls tell me the url...goshhhh....and i love ur cards...u are really good in it!