Monday, May 21, 2007

Just Another Day

Quote of the day: Junk is something you’ve kept for years and throw away three weeks before you need it

I am eagerly waiting for sex.

Sex & The City DVDs that is. The complete series giftset comes in a delicious must-have pink box, and it's definitely worth keeping as a collector's item. That's why instead of conveniently getting them from Holiday Plaza, the pirated haven, I righteously bought it from Amazon. I can feel it reaching the shores of Singapore!

I want:
1. A haircut, or change of hairstyle.
2. A clamshell/flip phone.
3. A new camera.
4. A Canon Selphy photo printer.
5. A website to sell my greeting cards.


Angeline said...

My dear, from what I hear, the photo printer costs about 1 dollar in ink to print one photo, but going to the photo shop only cost 25 cents.
I highly recommend the nikon SLR digital cameras. Definitely costlier but I was amazed by how fast it was to start up and between shots - perfect for capturing that perfect baby moment. Also, the quality is far superior to regular point n click ones.

Anonymous said...

Love your quote, as always. I have to try to forget that, though. I'm trying to get rid of junk in my garage.