Thursday, May 24, 2007

Sick of sick

Quote of the day: Planning for happiness is rarely successful. Happiness just happens.

These days, and frankly speaking, since as long as I remember, I haven't been in perfect health.

Perfect health to me, is being happy and passionate about everything all the time, enough stamina ( to shop ) and a good undisturbed sleep. These days, I lack all of the above.

The only common cause of my disturbed sleep is a nose block, which happens once in a long while. Then weeks ago, it was my cough that became evil. I had sleepless nights twice in a row. Then it went away. Just when I thought I can finally enjoy a good sleep, I woke up middle of last night... with a headache! Odd things are happening to me. On top of that, I have this stomach muscle-tightness-heartburn-like ache and it makes me weak, like I'm going to lao sai, but never did.

I'm angry and sick of feeling sick.

When is this all going to end. It seems like the ailments are coming one after next. Like a spell.

Things that excites me no longer have that effect. All the scrapbooking goodies I was so crazy about, now just sits pretty in my little art workshop. I took a glance at them, and sigh, and walked away. I have no inspiration, no passion.

I just want to sleep until I am contented. Perhaps, all those disturbed sleep is taking its toll on my body.

My sweet husband asked me today, "Darling, you want to go holiday? Somewhere relaxing like an island, or bangkok. You decide" That was sweet of him for even asking. Maybe he thinks I'm stressed.

Truth is, I'm not stressed at work. It's giving me life! It's not like I have to handle million dollar accounts and answer 1000 emails a day. Yes, thank you Molly and Sim for that interesting article of a lady who died of working too hard. So, no way I am stressed at work.

Hubbie may be right. A short getaway might do the trick. But no mood...


Angeline said...

I wonder if it is the bad air along the causeway that is causing your trouble. As far as I remember the border crossing is usually a polluted mess.

Ally said...

Dun think so. The causeway is not giving me any problem at all actually. The traffic moves reasonably fast. I just went for a little lunchtime retail therapy, and boy it feels good to let go and buy something just because I feel like it. I feel better already!