Thursday, May 10, 2007

I'm Cured

Quote of the day: “Insomnia is a contagious disease often transmitted from babies to parents.” -Shannon Fife

It's amazing. The two chinese cough syrup and throat tablets, together with Difflam, an anti-bacterial lozenges had finally gave me the good sleep I've been lacking. I tucked Daniel in bed at about 10pm, settled some of my stuff for a while, then I lied on bed thinking, "Well, if I doze off, I doze off, if I don't, I'll walk around the house or watch a movie while coughing my internal organs out". Miraculously, I dozed off. When I opened my eyes, I thought I overslept, but it was only 4am.

I lost my flabby tummy and I'm starting to develop a 6-pack from all that coughing.


Angeline said...

I hope your cough cures itself soon.

Ally said...

Yes, it so much better now I can actually sleep!
Thank you dear.