Friday, April 27, 2007

Long Weekend Ahead

Why is it that whenever I get the rare chance of a long weekend break, I have to 'waste' at least half of it. I'll be off from work on Monday because it's Labour Day on Tuesday.

It's funny how I took such holidays for granted before I got married. Long breaks was just another regular weekend. I would've planned for a short getaway, but I was lazy. I just wanted to hang out in my own home doing nothing but watch meaningless TV shows. No motivation, no drive. Just brain hibernation.

Now, I would've done things differently. I would have seized every opportunities for nice trips to places I've always wanted to go, or go again. Not that I can't do it now, just that it's harder to make things happen because there's extra people who needs attention too. I think wanting to reward myself is NOT being selfish. I work, I endure the daily commuting, I try hard to please my parents and in-laws, I take care of my husband and my son, well, I think I deserve a good vacation damnit!

SO, I will be going to an island in the Bahamas!! OHHHH, to bask in the sun and pamper myself with spa treatments!


Well, you know where I'll be. Have a good break!


Anonymous said...

mom, go out and have fun ok. u need a break.

to lose balance sometimes for love is part of living a balanced life.

will be back tomorrow for a week due to the 'golden week' here in China. it has been a while since the last time we met. would love to catch up with you next week.

will text u soon.....

forza juve

Kean Hong said...

never heard from TJ for quite some time, how r u dude?

Anonymous said...

Hope you had fun.


PS. I’ve started a photoblog at
Appreciate a visit and comments.

Anonymous said...

I am fine thanks! Same old same old!! Trust u and ur family are doing great too! Apa sudah jadi dgn Ijok?

forza juve

Angeline said...

eh going to seremban again is it?...sigh