Tuesday, April 03, 2007

My Head is Spinning

Some bug going around in the office, we have 3 people down yesterday, including myself. I felt like I was drugged or something, like the world is spinning. It must be some viral infection of my midle ear, that was why I was off-balance all the time. And perpetually tired and out of breath.

Anyway, when the traffic was kind last Friday, I pulled this feat when I got home. Dinner in an hour.

Simple food really. Beats eating junk food outside eh. Wait a minute... I cooked junk food too!


Anonymous said...

Always love Asian food. And what beats Asian food? Asian junk food, of course. :)

Feel better.


Angeline said...

how did u cook ur ladies fingers?

I love ladies fingers but can only find the frozen type round here.

Please tell me ur recipe.

Kenny said...

Eh...I had otitis media, Infection to my middle ear too last month. Most people said it is viral but I think mine is bacterial as it responded to antibiotics. My wife had it too. the world seems to be spinning. Quite a scary and dangerous experience.