Friday, March 30, 2007

What I've Been Up To

1. I was feeling ill for the past few days, with sore throat and a cold. It was a frustrating feeling of 'almost' falling sick but never got there. Something like, wanting to sneeze but it just cannot happen. By the way, my definition of sick is the full blown fever. So now I have all the pent up heat energy with no channels to release it. Hot and bothered... nyeh.

2. Since I didn't get REAL sick, I went to a work conference which was held at the Pan Pac Singapore. The best thing about it is the free hotel-food lunch. Then right after the conference, I was just few minutes away from one of my favourite shopping place.

3. I've been collecting a lot of scrapbooking tools and materials, mostly paper, ribbons and buttons. But I am not into scrapbooking. I'm getting my routine materials for my greeting card making hobby, which I have been passionate about for many years, something which surprises me even, because I've never been interested in something for more than 3 days. So this card making hobby is for real and here to stay. That's why I dare to invest so much money and time for it.

4. I'm looking for a camera to take good pictures of my card products for possible web business in future. So far my Canon IXUS couldn't capture the 'true' colour, so this is definitely out. I probably have to stick with the traditional film and scanning. I'll see...


Kean Hong said...

take this D40X..

Angeline said...

You make beautiful cards, dear.

I wish you success in your web business.