Monday, March 19, 2007

Another Convenite Lil Gathering!

Wow, I feel like I'm meeting up with a lot of lost ol' Convenites these days, and I hope to keep it up! And it's a good training ground for the littel boy to learn how to hang out with aunties and che-ches.

From left: Anette ( Prema's church buddy), Carolyn Chuah ( Yes! Carolyn Chuah! It's been 12 years!!And she has 4 beautiful children, 3 boys + a girl), me and Daniel, and Prema. I met Linda, too briefly unfortunately. But she looks the same.

Another boy with a little janggut, Hong Kit.


Anonymous said...

Holy Shit! Is that Carolyn Chuah from Rumah Merah (Xaviers)? 4 kids oredi!! Solid molid!

Ally said...

Yep, that's her alright!