Friday, March 16, 2007

Home Sweet Home

Sometimes I imagine that I am moving back into my family home, which is in Bandar Baru UDA, the home where I spent most of my teenage years, studying like a dork, looking like a dork and acting like a dork. It was my home before I moved out and into my current marital home where I spent a lot of time making out, cooking, cleaning, raising a baby and a husband, and wishing I could go back as a dork for JUST one day.

I think about my old home as a messy art canvas waiting to be cleaned up and re-painted. A FRESH NEW START. The excitement of being given a second chance to make things right, to reorganize our tonnes of stuff and to trash our tonnes of unused garbage ( which we always need 3 days after throwing them away, dunno why).

The best part about sweet-dreaming is the fact that it can actually become a reality soon! I say 'can' only ah. Suspense...

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