Friday, March 02, 2007

Is that a Cornetto in your hands?

"No, mummy, I'm NOT eating a Cornetto all by myself"

Work has been piling since I was back in the lab after the traumatizing CNY road trip. Yes, it did have THAT much of an effect on me. When we came back to Johor Bahru, Daniel came down with fever, on and off, and rather alarmingly high. Turns out, he had a middle ear infection. I've always been a little anxious and maybe a little paranoid too, about babies having fever. Some mothers are little more relaxed about it, saying that it is normal for babies to have higher temperature than adults during fever. But there is always this lingering fear of what a simple high fever can do. So, I constantly 'test' Daniel to reassure myself. So far, nothing serious that needs to be addressed.

And oh yes, he did finish the whole Cornetto all by himself. Nothing for me.. boo hoo.

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