Monday, March 26, 2007

Boy's New Haircut

He refused to put on that plastic protector and as a result, both of us were covered in hair! That dungu! But I guess it was worth it. I think he looks dashing. So dashing that I found myself letting him off the hook everytime he was up to mischief.

I read somewhere that apparently, parents tend to treat the more attractive child better. In fact, all throughout life, the more attractive people get more advantages in life, like higher pay, promotions, not getting a ticket by the traffic cops etc.. In one episode of a documentary about children, one advice given to parents who are sending their kids off to school on the first day is, to make the child look good. Why? Even at that tender age, looks play a part in social life. By looking good, you're more likely to make new friends and be popular in class, thus boosting the child's self-esteem. OK, who doesn't know this right... everyone does. But is it really really true? I think personality plays an equal part as well. Daniel will be a great class his daddy.


Anonymous said...

Daniel got hair to son.... wait for another CNY, maybe will grow another 1".

Angeline said...

Hmmm...yes I think I watched the same documentary.

I think it's just reality that humans tend to judge people by looks. Don't we do that ourselves all the time?

Being born good looking is definitely a great big plus in life and will definitely give a person a bigger edge for success.

But not to say ugly people cannot be successful also lah. A lot of ugly successful people in this world also wat. I'm sure there are many examples.

That said, I have also encountered some good looking people who are not more successful, richer or happier than others in life.

So like you said, personality also plays a very great role in whether a person become a success or not. In fact, from my observations, personality probably plays a more important role than good looks (unless, of course, if you are a model or something)