Thursday, April 26, 2007

Old Generation Men

Quote of the day: To love a man, you must understand him a lot and love him a little. To love a woman, you must love her a lot and try not to understand her at all.

The bitch gotta say this.

Disclaimer: The below does not apply to every single old man, it only applies to the guilty ones.

The old generation male chauvinist swines should change, simply because times have changed. And I'm talking about the leaders of my country, down to the simple family man living an average life as a civilian. But my focus now, is the simple family man.

1. Doesn't cook... AT ALL. Leaves everything to the wife/daughter/any female in the household. He is king, therefore is served daily with good home-cooked food or any food.

2. Doesn't learn how to cook. Doesn't want to. Doesn't care. Not interested. Cooking is sissy, and he is king, therefore, should be served daily with good home-cooked food or any food.

3. Doesn't do the dishes. He is not taking it for granted, merely believing that it's a rule that men don't do dishes. He is king, therefore is exempted from such laborious work.

4. Doesn't do the laundry. Being an extreme traditionalist, he must not attempt any physical contact with the women's undergarments because in his neanderthal little mind, it will bring him bad luck and will not win any lottery.

5. Doesn't iron. He doesn't know how to, and he doesn't want to learn anyway.

6. Doesn't clean the house. He only washes his precious car.

7. All his grown-up children must come home to visit often, to prove their filial piety, even with the little babies. He doesn't know/care/realize what the children go through to try to make him happy. Plain INsensitive.

Generally, every chores in the house is best left to the woman. Because she can do it. Even if I am exaggerating a little on some points, it is more or less along the same line. Such men, should start to change.

And then I think, it is the women who are spoiling the men. Like what I am doing! Somehow I couldn't shake the traditional role from myself. Although I am an equally capable financial contributor to the household ( if not, more), when I come home, I want to clean the house, do the laundry, iron his shirt and prepare dinner. It's not that I have to, but I want to. And it only made me tired and angry at him. That was 2 years ago. Now, I am still spoiling him. But I no longer feel angry. It's a role I play out of love.

Strange world.


Angeline said...

My dear, I wonder if you've ever had a serious meeting with the hubby about this issue.

Maybe you both can come up wth a plan that's workable for the both of you - like you do housework and cook on Saturday and he does on Sunday.

No relationship is perfect and S and I definitely have our issues too. But I find that things usually turn out better if we were able to discuss with each other the things that bother us and come out with a workable plan for both parties.

Ally said...

Yes, yes, I had many discussions with him already. He doesn't mind doing some chores. But I end up doing everything without giving him the opportunity to, which gradually gives him the chance to 'take-for-granted'. Then I get angry pulak. So, O actually brought this upon myself.