Monday, October 30, 2006

Drama Weekend Anyone?

Drama drama drama. This weekend itself, I get to meet up my old Convernt school friend whom I haven't seen in a couple of years, AND her little babe who turned one this month. At the same time, my mom-in-law's health has taken a turn for the worse.

Pictures first. Know the Murphy's Law? I'm a great follower. God knows how come my camera's setting changed. All the pictures I took were dark. Usually even in poor lighting, my pictures turn out ok, but this time, of ALL time, I couldn't fix it... UNTIL this morning when I realize the exposure is set to the lowest *banging-head-on-the-wall-until-concussion*

Anyway, here are the pictures I tried to rescue by adjusting the brightness and contrast.
Little Darren

Da-Niu and Da-Ren playing masak masak.

Beauties and Beasts

It is always fun to see how your child interacts with another baby. Fortunately, Daniel has learnt to control his forceful pat. When he was younger, his harmless intentions to 'sayang' other kids always end up as a big slap, including me, who took countless of his 'sayang' pats, especially in the morning when I'm still sleeping and unprepared for the Good-Morning-Mummy-Give-You-Big-Slap-On-The-Nose. I always wake up crying...

Kids have no ice to break, unlike adults.
Strangers for 2 seconds.
Playmates for the rest of the evening.

Great family party!
But not so great with my mom-in-law. Initially Paul cancelled his trip back to Seremban this weekend but rushed back when his mom was admitted to Seremban General Hospital. She has been controlling her lupus by taking steroid medication to somewhat make her immune system sluggish so it won't attack her own body. But this also make her prone to infections. A couple of days back, she complained of difficulties in breathing and was becoming weaker.

On Saturday, she was admitted for lung infection which later caused one side to collapse and required the ventilator to help her breath. There was a possibility of kidney failure, hypertension and diabetes. What a shock for everyone! How could she become so ill all of a sudden? You know it is very critical when the doctors tell you to inform any relatives to come visit her and be prepared.

She was at a fork. She could either get better with the antibiotics medication or her organs could fail and be hooked up on a life support system.

It felt terrible not being there with her. I was forbidden from driving up with Daniel. I have to wait till this Friday to take the trip with Paul, and hopefully she will be discharged by then. I could be taking a few days off to help watch over her.


Anonymous said...

Hope everything goes well (and my the force be with you).

Happy Halloween.


cf said...

ganbatte kudasai.


Anonymous said...

Don't worry am sure your mother in law will be better.Just pray k.Take care