Tuesday, October 10, 2006

My First Mid-Autumm Festival

Firstly, night photography and toddler do NOT go well together. Even panning doesn't work.
This is my best shot.

He swings his traditional paper lantern, those with a REAL little burning candle inside, of course held very securely by metal guards, and inspected 12 times by mummy. He bangs the lanterns into the gate, the ground and almost everything he walks pass, but miraculously, the lantern was still in one piece. But in the end, he tore it to pieces.

Now this is the modern, battery-operated lantern in the form of a drumming butterfly, and there's music too! DO NOT buy those with continuous high-decibel admission because you will go deaf, but amazingly your kid won't, and will insist on switching it on the whole day. Thank goodness, the drumming butterfly was just fine. And yes, they ALL come in that loud pink colour.

By the way, I found out the bedangdangs movie that was shown in a family foodcourt some time ago.

It's Komodo vs Cobra. Go watch it and have a good laugh, though it's supposed to be frightening.

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