Thursday, October 12, 2006

My Wasted Day

On Tuesday, I drove in for work, and used up my 10th and last day of free VEP ( Vehicle Entry Permit for foreign-registered vehicles) charge, which would cost SGD20. Imagine driving in everyday, that would cost you a handsome SGD424, including tol.
That's equivalent to a monthly car loan installment.

I used up my VEP-free day to pick mummy dearest from Changi Airport, and boy was she pleasantly surprised, while I was dreadfully sleepy because she arrived at midnight, which was way past my bedtime.

If you're looking for a single place where you'll find the entire spectrum of emotions, the arrival hall in a busy airport is probably it. If you've watched Love Actually, you'll find the opening of the movie very meaningful and true.

Love actually, is all around.

I spotted this young attractive girl who was obviously very excited to be reunited with her lover. There was this alluring charm about her that was hard to miss, but she wasn't super-beautiful or glammed-up.

She was a bit tanned, like a Japanese, and she had this pixie-like face with side-parted short brown healthy hair. Clad in a simple white tee and asymetrical slinky black skirt, she paced to and fro, tiptoe-ing among the crowd to catch a glimpse of her lover, and waving excitedly. And though I also noticed that people around, especially the men, did steal a few glances at her,she was totally oblivious and unconscious of the attention she was getting. She just had this sex appeal.

When her guy came out, they hugged really tightly, right smack in the middle of the crowd, for a whole 5 minutes or more. Not moving, just holding each other tightly. I know this is nothing in America/Canada/England/Europe/other whitepeople land, but in Asia, this is quite fun to see. This shows that we are not that open-minded yet. If she wasn't wearing bra, I tell you, big hoo ha, the men will be wiiiiidddeee-eyed.

I reached home at 2am, and alone because hubbie is in KL until Saturday. I had the best sleep ever. I read somewhere that you sleep better alone. The QUALITY of your sleep is better. I'd say, the quality of your sleep is the best, without a baby!

The next day, I felt so refreshed! What a difference a few more hours of sleep makes! The best thing is, it was totally undisturbed.

And I had a great day because of a good deal I got for a pair of shoes for only RM26!

And 50% off for men's contemporary stripe shirts. God bless the Deepa Raya sales. Notice that women's good day is not necessarily determined by good hairday, good sex or good coffee. It's good sales, and finding something we really like!

I didn't get any for Daniel because from now onwards until he is 5 years old, he won't need new clothes. Back from Japan, my mom and aunt bought him a 9-inch thick stack of clothes and 5 pairs of shoes. My mom got him a really cute pair of kimono pajamas set. Now, he has two kimono set, a Korean set and a pair of bright red Chinese samfoo. I will torture him to wear all those and take pictures. Bua hahahha.


cf said...


i love your blog! let me know if you're cool with me linking to it from mine.

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Ally said...

Sure CF! I'd love to have your blog too if you have one.

cf said...

i'll get jenn to send it to you.. =) thanks!