Monday, October 16, 2006

It is a FACT

One-third of Johor crimes committed by Indians

We all know that mothers knows best. A month ago, my mom, who was a snatch-theft victim for 7 times, said this,

Mom: Girl, you know, ALL the snatch-thieves and robbers are Indians!

Me: Where got! No lah! Don't judge and be prejudiced.

Mom: I'm telling you. All those victims are mostly Chinese, and some Malays. Have you seen any Indian snatch-theft victim? No right?

Me: (ponder) I don't know.

Mom: So ah, better wear SARI when you go out. Then they won't rob you.

Me : !!!!!!!!!

Hmmm... perhaps I should visit the Deepavali bazaar and find myself a nice shining bell-ridden sari.


Angeline said...

My mother was a witness to 2 Chinese snatch thieves robbing a bright gold 24 carat chain from an Indian woman's neck along the back lane of my old house in TUTA. The daylight robbers were on a motor scooter and pulled on her chain when they rode past her. The chain broke n off they rode never to be seen again. The poor lady had cuts around her neck and was crying desperately for help. Of course, that was a long time ago.

Ally said...

Maybe that was a VERY long time ago.
Now, if the Chinese commit a crime, it has to be worth the risk and might as well have high returns, like high-profile goldsmith robberies or gruesomely hacking people to death. Do it BIG or don't do it at all.
Times have changed.
Either that, or it's payback time. hahaha

Angeline said...

Yeah. I agree. Small time robbers r mostly Indians n malay drug addicts. Chinese r greedy bastards who want more.