Monday, October 02, 2006

I am THE SuperWoman

Let's see what mummy did during the weekend...

Cooked lunch and dinners. That includes washing up, WITHOUT a dishwasher. For the benefit of the western readers, Asians are not into dishwashers. We'd die without a washing machine instead.
Perhaps, I should share my recipes next time, those I learnt from my mom, grandmothers and colleagues. Simple dishes, really.

Laundry. Ironed Paul's shirt and pants for work.

Washed the toilet.

Vacuum-ed and mopped the floor.

Visited my dad. (Mom's away holidaying at some mountains in Japan)

Made a couple of new greetings cards, and a bead keychain.

Managed a short good nap while Daniel's nap.

Went cycling with Daniel. And of course lots of playtime with him too. Speaking of which, I joined him in the kiddie plastic pool one evening and one of my neighbour's kid said to his mom in absolute amazement "Ma, ni kan! Baby de mama i chi wan sui eh!" ( Look mom! The baby's mom is playing together in the water!) Well, what can I say while sitting in the pool in my shorts and tee, and having loads of fun with Daniel. Poor kid. To be a fun parent, you gotta be a kid yourself!

I think I am a capable woman. Of course, Paul could help out, but I was just in the mood for house work. And don't ask me where the energy and zest came from, I too have no idea.

And all the little guy did was...


theresangpl said...

You are amazing. I salute you. Did you massage your Danielle? I attend a course to study the baby massage, very useful for child from 0 -18 years old!
Phek Lan

Anonymous said...

I’m with you with dishwashers. That’s why I protested when my wife bought a sleek KitchenAid dishwasher. That’s why I don’t do the dishes anymore.


Okay. I’m lazy. (Nice try, huh?)


Angeline said...

I won't do dishes without a dishwasher. I have been spoilt.

Can't believe you did all that during your weekend.

I am the lazy sort who sleeps till 11am while hubby is 'parenting' baby, wakes up slowly, does nothing all day and then goes for a late afternoon massage at the spa.

Ally said...

I think I deserve massage more than that little monkey Daniel! Hahahaha. I did read somewhere that massages are soothing and helpful for babies who are premies or cranky. It's more of the skin-to-skin contact that is therapeutic. So I pinch his cheeks... also skin-to-skin contact. Heheheh
Mike and Angeline,
Is there a dishwasher that can wash the big black chao-ta (burnt) wok? I would luuurve that. It must have scrubbing capabilities. Heck, I want a machine that can cook too!

Kean Hong said...

then "buy" indon maid "machine" la, can cook, wash, clean, play,... wat ever also can do..

Jonh Neo said...

Hi aruri, I want to introduce you to

Anonymous said...

Hello my dear superwoman friend.How are u,hey Daniel is getting bigger so fast man.What's his age now?


Ally said...

He is 16-months old. Yah, they grow up fast and we age fast too! So LIVE to the fullest man!