Thursday, October 26, 2006

A Gift for My In-Laws

Got these for me in-law folks to match their Chinese antique furniture at home. Carved jade stones or something, with prosperous wishes. Nice?
I bought them at JUSCO Permas Jaya just last week, at the atrium bazaar. This dude from China brought in truckloads of Chinese traditional and antique furnitures and home decorations for sale here. I reckon it's the same bazaar I saw at Carrefour Hypermarket in February. I guess it relocates here and there throughout the cities in Malaysia. I spotted these wall decorations the last time but never had the 'kick' to take cash out of my wallet. So when I saw them last week, I didn't want to miss the chance again. I would like to have them as my own, but they'll kinda look out of place in my home.


Anonymous said...

Buy from where wan ah? From Jln Yahya Awal ah?

Anonymous said...

Love it.