Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Badminton and Balloonminton

I play this with Darren because he still doesn't know how to 'defend'. 3 yr olds can't catch very well yet. 

I'm talking about badminton. When I play with Daniel, who says he is Team Lee Chong Wei ( I am Team Awesome by the way), the little one gets a little lonely. He hits an old shuttlecock in one corner all by himself, with a broken pink toy plastic racket. Poor thing hor?

So I play balloonminton with him! I played this with Daniel when he was 3 too until he was able to play properly. Just blow up a mid-size balloon of your baby's favourite colour, get two badminton rackets and play away! It's a good training for him to learn how to aim and hit a slow-falling target. 

I should call it Kampung Balloonminton because they play barefooted! Dirty feet=happy kids!

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sad wings of life said...

Lovelly cutie feeties & Blog. :)