Monday, September 02, 2013

My Merdeka Weekend

We went back to Seremban, the husband's kampong, to celebrate his father's birthday. Nothing fancy. Catered noodles (for longevity!), vege, prawns, pandan-wrapped chicken, curry chicken (must-have for cater buffets) and sweet and soup pork. Relatives brought home-made kuehs and home-brewed chrysanthemum tea. Like kenduri! It is gatherings like this when relatives asks the usual questions ie "When are you getting married", or "When are you going to have a baby", or "When are you going to have another baby". I tell you, old people are not creative. My generation will be different. The top question asked during gatherings will be "When are you going to be on Forbes list".

Anyway, a relative asked me if I am pregnant. I pinched my belly and I told her, "No, that's just my chee cheong fun" and I put on the silliest grin like this:
Silliest grin always saves the day!

So many children in the house. I realized Darren is so different from Daniel when he was three. Darren is NOT afraid of crowd and strangers. NOT shy! He was comfortable weaving in and out of the folks to get to me, then go back into the house to continue mingling with the older children. Then he'd disappear back to the kitchen where there's nobody and do some exploring there by himself, then reemerge in the crowd. He's like this confident little elusive guy! At that age, Daniel would just glue himself to me until the party's over.

The next day, on Sunday, we left earlier to make a stopover at Malacca. Who doesn't love Malacca? There's Jonker Walk! I.ABSOLUTELY.POSITIVELY.LOVE.JONKER.WALK. It was a pity I missed a lot of shops selling antiques and vintage goodies as they close at around 5pm. We reached at the time when the road stalls were setting up.

And for the first time, we took the Malacca River Cruise! It's actually just a motor-tour-boat that accommodates 20 plus people. The ride took about 40 minutes, along the back alley of old heritage shoplots. I think they can do better. I wish I'd own a shoplot there. WOW, don't get me started on what I will do! I felt like I was in touch with my roots. I was born in Malacca after all! During the breezy cruise, I wondered what it would've been if I had never left Malacca. If my parents stayed on, and I'd live there until now. Could I have been one of the shop vendors selling my crafts and operating a tea cafe by the river? The simple life I've always wanted! The shop where I make and sell my crafts, will be my home, and a bicycle will be my mode of transportation. How innocent!

And poof, the cruise was over. Back to running and screaming boys, and my little secret smile.

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