Monday, September 09, 2013

Cardboard House

Thank you Law of Attraction for this humongous cardboard I managed to find at my workplace. It was for a delivery of lab consumables in bulk! So I squeezed it into my small car and happily brought it home. Customs officers' eyes widened as I approached secondary clearance.

Apa tu?

Cardboard, encik. Untuk buat pondok masak-masak.


 The Architect.

 The Main Contractor.

The Labour Worker.

It was full house! Hee hee...


Kim said...

those two flower pots for show only ah, just for photo sake? scared later when chef open shop, he ter-drop em and 'piang' pecah ah?

Ally said...

Won't pecah.. plastic pot saje untuk ambiance. I thought of candles for romantic dinners, but it will likely set the restoran on fire.

Anonymous said...

wow. nice lovely, cute little house.


Ally said...

Thank you Sally!