Monday, September 30, 2013

The Little Big Club

On Sunday, I was 7 years old. The husband was playing his morning golf and I figured I'd give him a free day for himself, after all he had been working the whole Saturday. So I bundled up the boys and went to The Little Big Club at Puteri Harbour. I thought maybe we'll just have a look and come back in a couple of hours.


Six hours. SIX. ENAM. I don't even spend six hours shopping. But this gotta be the most fun 6 hours I ever had in a theme park. OK, I lied a bit. But it was so worth it watching my boys have a blast.

The entrance. The level below is Hello Kitty Land which Daniel repelled away. When I told him that Hello Kitty's boyfriend name is Dear Daniel, he jawdropped disgustingly. Ha ha classic.

First park is the Barney soft playground. I think it's for younger children, toddlers maybe because it's rather 'tame'. There's the familiar Barney hut where they play Barney shows on TV screens inside. If you want to get away from all the madness, you go here, and sit in the corner, it's dim and isolated in there.

Next stop, Pingu Igloo!! Pingu is an award-winning stop-motion claymated television series. The program is set in Antarctica and centres around penguin families who live and work in igloos. The main character, Pingu, belongs to one such family. He frequently goes on adventures with his little sister, Pinga, and often gets into mischief with his best friend, Robby the Seal. They all speak gibberish.

It's typically a little arcade space. There's this skiing game.

Basketball game.

Roll-the-ball-that-swerves-up-and-into-any-basket-to-score-a-point. Younger children will not be have the arm power to roll it forcefully enough for the ball to swerve up.

There are even Pingu furnitures!


'Hockey Baby'. Look at that cute fake telephone.

What do you call this kind of game. Hammer hammer?

Next stop, Bob the Builder playground. This one is bigger. Lots of climbing and squeezing through small spaces. How come I know? BECAUSE I WAS IN THERE. That's why I said, I was 7 years old again. Note: Adults are welcomed in ALL the playgrounds and rides. I REPEAT, ADULTS CAN PLAY TOO!

I went down this wave slide and I actually screamed.

Remember Tetris? Welcome to the world of Tetris pillow.

Next stop, Angelina Ballerina, the first meet-and-greet. Out of nowhere, little girls turned up in tutus on stage to learn 3 basic ballet steps from Angelina herself. She speaks in a British accent. Hellooooo.

Next stop, is the upper level, The Thomas & Friends floor. The Thomas Train ride that goes around a playground. We rode twice.

Bertie the Bus that goes in vertical rounds. I sat in this ride 5 times, not continuously of course.

Bumper car. Daniel played this one like a million times.

Helicopter ride that goes around, up and down controlled by rider. If you saw one that went up and down violently, that's us. We were in it 4 times. I.Want.To.Puke.Already.

Inside the helicopter. There's a backseat for parents... or kids, if the parents insists on sitting in front but I tell ya, your legs won't fit.

Barney meet-and-greet at 4pm. I screamed his name and my heart skipped a beat when he appeared on stage. Oh my. They sang the familiar tunes like If You're Happy-Clap-Your Hands, Mr Sun, If All The Raindrops Are Lemon Drops and Gum Drops, The Clapping Song, and the infamous I Love You You Love Me. I KNOW THEM ALL OK. I sang along. Enough of Mariah Carey's 90s hits, I've move on to Barney.

This is the lounge area for overstimulated parents at the Sodor Playground. THE mother of all playgrounds in this park.

Part of the playground. I squeezed through, climbed, crawled, rolled over. I'm surprised my body is not aching today.

The inside of the Sodor playground.

The Thomas Train that goes around the playground.

Colin Crane Drop. 

Thomas Train show at 5pm. Not as fun as Barney. After this, we continued with the rides. 

The Little Big Club show at 6pm, before closing time. After this show, we took pictures with some of the characters.

I imagined myself tackling these characters like one of those funny videos online during a baseball game or something... Sorry, I'm violent, PMS la.

Conclusion? We, and I meant including me, had a blast. Thank you Little Big Club for allowing adults to play too *grins*


Anonymous said...

Hi Ally

I have not tried this, but have tried the lunch buffet at traders hotel. It's so so. RM40++ per adult.


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