Tuesday, October 01, 2013

The Stressed Husband

On some days where he had an intense critical non-stopping battle on the site, he'd come home later, finish his dinner and then predictably, stone at the patio with a cigarette. He'd be using his phone most of the time too, then shower, and then go back to the patio with his phone and another cigarette. He is totally in another world. And then lock up the doors and plonk down on the bed. He'd snore almost immediately.

On some nights, he'd be out drinking. I am usually asleep or half-asleep by the time he trudge home, reeking of alcohol. 

No exchange of words, no hugs or kisses. That's how some days are.

I feel sorry for him, I really am. I wonder if I am doing enough to support him. My method is to leave him alone to dwell in his cave (the author of Men from Mars, Women from Venus said so!) and give him his space. I know I can do more. I used to drop him messages of encouragement, do little sweet things, buy stuff for him, but now I feel like I'm withholding all those affections due to resentment.

I'm tired too.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ally,

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Ally said...

Hi Sally, I didn't know you were into crystal healing. We have never sought it before. And it's so near my house! Thank you for the recommendation.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ally,

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mohammad ezzani said...

Hi Sally,

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