Tuesday, October 01, 2013

The Wife Factor

Some Chinese businessmen believes that one of the factor that influences their career success and luck is their wife.

One word, chubby. The consensus is a woman with a fleshy nose, chubby hands and feet. 

I have none of those. 

During dinner one night, the husband talked a lot about his career path and work as usual. Then he talked about how some wives bring luck to their husbands. I knew who he was talking about. It's a sister of one of his close friend. She is like the Goddess of Chinese Businessmen's Wife. She married a man who rode motorcycle and she manoeuvred his path to a million dollar worth business. 

He said, "She's VERY clever in business" (hmm, sounds different in Cantonese)

I know my husband. He admires very smart people especially in business, those who seem to have the luck or the opportunity to soar high and gain success. Perhaps he envies these people. He is waiting to get there... fast.

I asked him, "Do you mean I don't bring you luck? Coz you are struggling right now". He said it's a matter of fate. Some wives are like that Goddess, some are neutral, no good luck, no bad luck, the husband has to work on his own capabilities. 

WOW. I totally got the hint. Or is it just me? Such a blink-blink moment there and then. I felt so bad, like a child who just got shushed because she's not helping the situation.

I should go into an eating disorder to get chubby eh.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Ally,

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