Friday, October 04, 2013

Gold Breakfast Show

On 20th August, my favourite Class 95 Morning Express was no longer my favourite. The Flying Dutchman swapped seats with Joe Augustin. So I was very tired switching in between stations to settle down.

Joe's voice is deep and special, I find it alluring... BUT I couldn't stand the way he speaks. Tak lancar la. Not smooth. He blabber blabber blabbers and I still don't get his point. It's frustrating. He's like this remote control car played by a 3 year old... go here, there, here there, bump into things, stop, go stop go. Eeeesh.

And so I went over to Gold 90.5FM in the mornings during my drive. I absolutely LOVE Vernetta and the FD. MATCH MADE IN HEAVENS OF RADIO BROADCASTING. It just felt so easy listening to them. Like good speakers, you know. The only issue I had in the beginning was the songs. Gold 90.5FM is for old people. I almost fell asleep when they played certain unfamiliar songs... you know how oldies can be right... -__-

But after a few weeks, I started to pay attention to the lyrics of some songs. Boy, it was an awakening. OLDIES ROCK!!! It's like an undiscovered gem by young oblivious mindless young people like myself. Some of the lyrics are very very very honest, very straightforward, very true and sounds like they are singing by reading from a letter.

This particular songs had me gaping. SO DIRECT!

A Woman Needs Love by Ray Parker Jr.
A woman needs love (just like you do, hoo)
Don't kid yourself into thinkin' that she don't
She can fool around (just like you do, hoo)
Unless you give her all the (lovin' she wants)

Don't make the mistake 
Of thinkin' old fashioned (ooh, ooh)
Times have changed from yesterday
No longer will 
Those old double standards (ooh, ooh)
Be accepted by the women of today

So when you think you're foolin' her
She just might be foolin' you
Remember, if you can do it
She can too

Because a woman needs a love 
(Just like you do, hoo)
Hey, don't kid yourself into 
(Thinking that she don't)
She can fool around 
(Just like you do, hoo)
Unless you give her all the (lovin' she wants)

When her eyes are beggin' for affection (ooh, ooh)
Don't put her off, don't make her wait
Don't try to give her 
That worn out excuse (ooh, ooh)
About being tired and workin' late

I tell you one day you'll come home
Early from work (home from work)
Open up the door
And get your feelings hurt

Because she needs it, yeah 
(Just like you do, hoo)
A woman's got to have it 
Whoa, yeah (just like you)
And if you're smart, mmm 
(Just like you do, hoo) 
You better stop foolin' around, hey, hey
'Cos she will too
(Just like you do, hoo)
(Thinkin' that she don't, hoo-oooh)
(Just like you do, hoo)
Now an example to you
Is by the time poor Jack 
Returned up the hill
Somebody else had been lovin' Jill

A woman needs love 
(Just like you do, hoo) hey
Don't kid yourself into thinkin' that she don't
She can fool around, yeah 
(Just like you do, hoo)
She will be foolin' around
Soooo, you better take out some insurance
And be sure she won't
Give her that love, mmmm, yeah
(Just like you do, hoo)
That sweet, sweet love
She wants it
(Just like you)
'Cos she can fool around 
(Just like you do, hoo) 
She will fool around
With you or without you 
Just like you do

A woman needs love (just like you do, hoo)
Hey, don’t kid yourself into thinkin' 
That she don't
She can fool around (just like you, hoo)
A woman needs it just like you

And if you're free , go check out the lyrics for Pina Colada. Such a story!

It's my new favourite morning radio now.

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