Wednesday, October 02, 2013

A Boy And His Stationery

My Primary Two boy's backpack weighs 10 kg.

This is part of the reason.

WHY ON EARTH DOES HE BRING THAT SHARPENER?! I thought to myself. This boy does not know how to pack light. And what's with the two pencil cases. He says one is for pencils, rulers etc, and the other is for colour pencils. OK, fair enough. But he brings 15 pencils, some are mechanical ones. What the...  He is into pencil cases with the most compartments, and he's also into mechanical pencils. He and his classmates are comparing mechanical pencils, how cute is that. I'm actually very happy that the simple pleasures of childhood still exists.

I got him something cool. I've never seen so many buttons on a pencil case before. And a compass!


So I said, 'You don't have to bring all that crap stuff anymore. Just ONE pencil case, yes?"

Hampalang he wants.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Ally,

Nice pencil case. Kids nowadays are very lucky. Those days, we only had one pencil case and we had to use it till it's torn or at least for 1 year.