Friday, September 06, 2013

Online Fashion Sweeties

I'm no fashionista but I love browsing good styles. Recently, there were a couple of online fashion shops appearing on my Facebook page. HOW CAN I NOT CLICK RIGHT? I have entered a black hole. I love the photos, the styling and the props. But it's mostly fantasy world to me. 

Goddamn models make me want to buy the clothes, because I have the illusion I will look exactly like them. Then again, I have NO occasion to wear them. I work in a lab. My uniform is the white coat, with no feminine cut or lace collar or bling embellishments. Nobody cares about fashion in the lab when we just want our Western Blot to work. What about weekends? Hmm.. I wear my 3 yr old baby rascal. I'm at home most of the time, and we go out for dinner in AEON now and then. It's no Paris, where women doll up just to go down the apartment to buy croissant (pronounced as kuah-sohn, you know? I know). 

But these dresses are soooooooo niiiiiiiiiiice. I want to quit labwork and be a receptionist! Presenting my attires...

OK, not this one. NOBODY steps out of the house looking like this, especially not in Malaysia. You get attacked by buayas. And look at that clutch she's holding. At the side of the road, hellooo. Snatch thief buffet I tell you.

I love the bright and airy photos from iwannacloset, like this one. Simple. Nice.

Psst psst, I already ordered THREE items from one of the sprouting online shops in Malaysia, myshoplah. And I have some in my other cart from Sally's Fashion. And some in the other ca...................... You've just lost me.

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