Monday, August 26, 2013

My Sore Throat and Cough Remedy

I'm gonna risk jinxing this but sharing is caring. My secret cough remedy. Tried and tested. But warning first, I took a combination of some of the below.

Foreword: I don't see a doctor unless necessary, that's me. I would try out all the natural or basic remedies first. I don't even take Panadol unless it's high fever or I have a very bad headache ahead of a very important ballroom performance.

Hall's Vita-C. Overheard at the market while I was grocery-shopping that these little candies stopped a month-long cough. Like S.T.O.P.P.E.D. I took out my iPad from my vege basket and jotted it down. This kinda thing comes naturally to me you know.

Golden Throat Lozenges. Amazon sells them, no kidding. Don't worry, you can buy these from any Chinese Medicine shops. Works wonders for sore throat. Of course if it is accompanied by fever, go see a doctor, it could be a nasty throat infection. These lozenges can sooth the throat well though. It is actually concentrated luo han guo.

Boiled Coke, with a squeeze of lemon (optional). Yes, easily available Coke. Boil a cup for 5 minutes, squeeze half a lemon into it, let it cool down a bit and sip it slowly like tea. My mom says it's the asam in Coke. But it sure helped my itchy-throat cough.

Prospan. I love this because it is natural! Made of ivy leaf extract. I give this to my boys.

Peppermint leaves. Try to grow this plant if you can. Quite a hardy plant. I boiled 2-3 leaves in a cup of water and sipped it slowly like tea. Add honey if you like. I give this to my 2 year-old when he had a bad cough and it helped tremendously.

Difflam lozenges. The red ones, because those are anti-bacterial. They are not antibiotics. This is one of my must-have for more painful sore throat. It leave a little bitter after-taste and it kinds numbs your throat. Available in pharmacies.

Lastly, it's REST. Rest is best. It's no use taking all the best medication in the world but still slogging away all stressed up. Sure, your symptoms may go away and you'd think you're good enough to samba all night but really, your body is still recovering, cell by cell. Listen to your mama.

Alright, not a secret anymore. I know how coughs can be very disruptive and tiring, especially when the kids are having it. So you can give those a try and see if they help.

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