Monday, August 05, 2013

My New Craft Station

A little work done everyday for a week. 

That chest of drawers were from IKEA Children's cardboard chest of 4 drawers which I combined 4 of them and pasted kraft brown paper and whatnots. It has served me very well for the past 5 years because of its roomy drawers. 

The shelves above it were for favourite decorative items.

That little compartmentalized storage frame holds the McDonald's Teddy Bear collection from 1999(?) which my husband, well, then-boyfriend, got for me after eating the meal every week (or was it everyday). He knows I'd appreciate these better than Hello Kitty or Minions. Ha.

At the side, sits my old storage organizer made of hard paper board. It has also served me well for many years and looks old now.

But acrylic paints do wonders.

See? My favourite colour of late.


My shelves now holds my craft nuggets, from seashells, ribbons, lace trims, twills, beads, buttons to wooden knick-knacks. I now keep them in glass jars that I've collected over the years, and some in new jars ( the bigger ones from IKEA and Daiso). It's so refreshing displaying all of them after having them hidden in drawers all these while. It's nice to look at it everyday for inspiration.

The main change is this wooden chest of drawers, also from IKEA. What a find! The drawers are a lot of smaller but it's good that I can organize my stuff more specifically.

Jars of goodies.

Happy as a bird!


Anonymous said...

Hi Ally,

Looks awesome. Really very cute and pretty.


Hui Ching said...

I should use your goodie jar idea for all my threads!

Anonymous said...

Saw your talent & passion in craft.. should join Fuyoh Art Bazaar at Publika today. JB has something like that ?

my friend follow your blog, and i do read it sometime.