Tuesday, August 20, 2013

How To Make A Magnetic Refrigerator Grocery List Board

This is one of my most useful handmade goodie so I'll share it here.

What you need:
Cardboard large enough for a small 50-sheets memopad. (Very thick memopads will cause the fabric pocket to stretch over time and become a little loose)

Straw to fit the pen. Choose the bigger straws usually provided when you drink pearl tea.

Magnetic tape from Daiso. Or old magnets with flat surfaces.

3 fabric designs or as you wish. One to cover the cardboard piece, one 5cm shorter as a front pocket, and one to wrap the straw with.

Fabric glue.

What to do:

1. Fold the top edge of the fabric for pocket down and sew across it.

2. Place cardboard on top of the fabric (wrong side of fabric) and glue the sides over, to wrap the cardboard. The fabric I'm using here is double-sided so it looks as if I'm gluing the pattern side wrongly.

All sides glued.

3. Place the pocket fabric on top of the wrapped cardboard, adjust the height and then turn back and glue the sides as well.

Front view when it is done.

4. Cut the straw at the length you prefer for your pen or pencil. Mine is about 10cm.

5. Rub glue all over the straw and place it in the middle of the fabric, with 1cm allowance at the top.

6. At the top, fold the fabric inside and glue it in.

7. Do this for the bottom. I suck at giving origami instructions but it is similar to wrapping presents where you fold it down and unite the flaps.

Flaps glued together, securing the bottom.

8. Glue the flap onto the back of the cardboard.

9. Paste a paper card onto the back to cover the mess.

10. Glue the magnetic tape onto the back.


I gave this to my mom :)

I made one for myself and I find that it has helped me shop more efficiently. I'd only buy things ON my list and not by suka-suka. I used to buy what I needed AND 100 other things I didn't know why I bought. Because I'm a woman la that's why! Heehee...


Anonymous said...

Hi Ally,

such a creative idea. looks lovely.

Kim said...

i still go into supermart and shop suka-suka.. which is bad coz u end up gettin a trolley ful of crap u dont need. gotta learn to write down a list..

Ellen Yeo said...

must shop suka-suka la...i go daiso i suka until I naik giler!

Hui Ching said...

I print out a list of grocery, with checkboxes, for the helper to tick when things run out (or are about to run out) . Then once in a month, I just go and mega spend at Giant (free delivery above $200). Its very efficient cos don't have write the list every time, and we usually buy the same stuff.