Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Giveaway Thoughts

I've been thinking. I get obsessed with making crafty knick-knacks when the mojo hits. And I don't want to sell them on my etsy shop because I want to give someone I know who will love it. Or give it to my blog readers, whoever and wherever you are. Giving it to my friends who are 'forced' to receive it or who doesn't quite like my kind of magic, doesn't sound too nice.

SO. I've been thinking. What if I do a weekly giveaway on my blog? Readers can leave a comment and I'd pick a random winner, or winners. It's a win-win happiness, because I get to make more crafty goodies feeding my inner core purpose in life, while the winners get to receive it to use/keep/give away.

Just a thought...

ps. If you think it's an awesome thing to do, or not, commento? Gracias.


Kim said...

so awesome, i love freebies especially if it's made by Your Highness U... no freebies also I will be readin ur blog

Ally said...

Awww... so far, looks like I will be memorizing your address, my awesome reader. Hahhaha.