Monday, July 03, 2006

Cycling is a good form of exercise and relaxation

No prize for guessing who exercises and who relaxes.

Is he dozing off already?!!

On Saturday, Paul got us a bicycle, and kiddie seat for the little barb. SOOOOOO CUUUUTTIIEEE! I've seen such baby seats on bicycles a couple of times in Singapore, rode by the ang-mohs and I think it's so fun. How come never see it in my housing estate? In fact, NOBODY ever rides a bicyle WITH their baby in JB, let alone ride one. How sad is that, everyone drives now, even if it's a 1km distance to the sundry shop... hmmm, that would be many of us actually, I plead guilty! Why? HOT SUN! But evenings are the perfect time for cycling, so when Paul told me he wanted to get a bicycle, I thought why not, I've always wanted one too, and I thought he was getting those with a basket to carry things or moving objects like Daniel The Monkey, which we'll need to strap him with tali rafia or cello-tape or master the art of one-hand cycling. Then the bicycle was delivered that same day, and boy was I pleasantly surprised! A cool bucket seat for baby!

So, come evening, we strap Daniel in his SOOOO CUUUTTIIEEE bucket seat... Shoulder strap and leg straps too.

Ready to go?



Do I HAVE to get down now?

That's all folks!


Anonymous said...

seem like i need one too later...

Boon Keat said...

Yes! sim u really need one... so that we can cycle with ur baby :-)

Ally said...

I think Sim can't wait for henn henn to faster faster grow up! I understand the excitement a father has, you want to do a lot of father-son activities right? Cool