Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Are bank officers dumb... or dumber?

I think the latter. My definition of dumb here also includes being inefficient, unorganized, poor in service and poor fashion sense in headscarves. The smart bankers get whisked off to secret chambers beneath the earth surface to design and conduct loan schemes and services that SUCKS money from the public like vacuum, and the dumb ones are put at the front desk to serve customers.

What a perfect system!! TO PISS THE BANK CUSTOMERS OFF!!

Why do some banks lack organization system? And score poorly on SERVICE.

I just scolded a bank officer on the phone, and now I feel a bit bad. But they really deserve some REAL bitch-slaps sometimes. I changed my mailing address, but my loan statements were still sent to the old address, so how am I to pay on time? And they are charging me interest!! THOSE INEFFICIENT BASTARDS OF SCUMS OF THE DIRT UNDER MY FEET SCUM!

Then hor, my credit card fee supposed to be waived, so what the hell is 'service charge' for? I pay on time! I use the card's minimum credit too. Although it's RM3.95, but RM3.95 from a million people can launch a rocket to space. I must threaten to write to the Star papers. Don't anyhow charge me RM3.95, pretend pretend assume I don't notice.

My mom is also pissed at the stupid inefficient bank officers. Same case, send statements to old address despite having changed mailing address many many times. Lost her credit card, REPORTED it to the bank, and replace with new one. But after a year, receive statement from bank. She is charged interest for the OLD card, accummulate until few thousand RM.


They said "Oh, you didn't cancel your card ma'am"


Reporting and cancelling is different procedure? Isn't it common sense and procedure that when you report a stolen card, it is cancelled straight away? If it is different, why didn't they INFORM her in the beginning?

Moral of the story is. DON'T apply for credit cards from..... *drumroll*.... M A Y B A N K
In fact don't apply for any credit cards. Bring CASH and risk getting robbed. Perhaps that is better than dealing with stupid @#$bank officers.


Kean Hong said...

they all are the bloody hell blood sucker mah...if they dun suck, what the hell they are going to survive with?

Ally said...

Want to suck, suck properly la, dun anyway suck like we're stupid... sigh... kek sim

Anonymous said...

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