Wednesday, July 26, 2006

A Changed Man

Yesterday, I chanced upon photos of newborn Daniel that was taken by my dear colleagues when they visited me during my pui-yek. Aahhh, flashes of memory start to come back. I remembered how it felt being a mother overnight. It was like I had this little penis IN me, then one minute it was out and peeing all over my shirt.

It is amazing. You carry a being in you for 9 months, well, 8 and 1/2 for me, you don't know what it looks like at all, but you feel it move everyday. It's funny because I have very vivid and out-of-this-world imagination at times, but I never once did imagine what my unborn baby looked like, which by the way, would look like any other newborns because they all look the same.

The moment he was born, I felt my entire world changed. Feelings that I never had, I felt them.

I was glad that the birth was over and it wasn't as dramatic as I expected.

I was relieved that I heard him wail his lungs out.

I was overwhelmed with tear-jerking joy when I saw him for the first time. Naked, confused but alert.

I was scared of the unknown. The whole motherhood thing. I played house, but I never played mom.

I was calm despite how things happened so fast.

Thinking back, I feel blessed. I had a great confinement nanny who became my source of answers and confidence. She was my walking baby dictionary. I had great friends who visited me, kept in touch with me, and showered generous gifts.
Above all, I have a husband who was there all the way. We were both ready to become parents, no one chickened out.

So, here are a few pics which I treasure so much now, because he will never be the same...


Anonymous said...

Daniel is a such beautiful & haMsome boy. And u the mum, look as good as ever after birth. Congratulations on sustaining more than a year with the bub, and may you have many more happy years with him.

Kean Hong said...

more baby to come too

Anonymous said...

Heya Ley Yin,It is so nice to see you and ure very own family.Hope all is well,and man do kids grow that fast,has it been a year already,hope to see u end of august,take care


Ally said...

Amrit! You're back to get married?!
And, kim-san, may I know who are you?

Mike said...

When my son was born, I told myself, “Oh, my! What a long p— … oops, that’s his umbilical cord.”

Anonymous said...

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