Monday, July 24, 2006

Nothing Much

I was having an emotional roller coaster ride last week or so. Sigh.. sometimes I don't know if being a woman is a blessing or a curse. I once read in the book "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus" that women's emotions often mimics a wave. There are times when we are at our normal state of sanity, like you know, independent and strong but loving and giving at the same time. Then there will be times when we become a total bitch, like, demand more than we get, or worse, don't know what we want but demand it anyway and get mad if we don't get it.

I was surfing at the lowest point of my 'wave'. I felt angry, bitter, melancholic, and negative all the time. Just plain negative. Just a plain bitch. And I just felt like 'stoning'. I guess I was getting sick of my negativity that my mind pulled an emergency brake. WAKE UP.

Woke up. Feeling normal again. The sea is calm. There are no waves to ride, but there are ripples of tranquility.

My zest is back. And I'm an organizing freak. I think my home needs some serious storage organization. So, I started with my collection of beads first.

And there's no better time for the IKEA Annual sales! I will attempt to be Debbie Travis or the Designer Guys, but the cheapo version. Gosh I love those series. I wish my home would transform into different themes each day. I imagine:
Monday: "Honey, I'm home! Wow, it's Jewel's of Arabia!"
Tuesday: "Honey, I'm home! Cool, it's the sleek comtemporary city-apartment style!"
Wednesday: "Honey, I'm... HOLY COW! Country style! Rattans and flowers!"

Will host my storage transformation... soon....