Monday, July 10, 2006

I am a Gu!

Another vaccination since January this year. This time I thought he'd 'know' pain. But I was wrong. Ah Gu was more interested in the toys at the doctor's office that he didn't realize he was poked with needle. (DIDN'T REALIZE ?!!) I didn't have my revenge, damn. That boy ought to know what pain is! Muahahahahaa!

He knows no fear, he knows no pain, he knows no sufferings... alas, my future looks bleak with the cane.

By the way, the blogspot traffic is so bloody smooth this morning because veryone still sleeping, after the World Cup finale. And almost 50% of my group is on leave today. I am a lonely beautiful young woman... maybe I should go to Italy, bound to get plenty of attention there now, since they are ever more PASSIONATE! Parlare! Parlare italiano?! Si! Si!

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