Monday, January 25, 2016

Toys for Boys

Every year, the boys get presents for their birthday and Christmas. So lucky eh. After many years of experience, I learnt NOT to get battery-operated toys. Because the collateral cost of buying a steady supply of batteries is not fun.

Last year, for Christmas, I told the boys, "NO TOYS WITH BATTERIES"

Well, didn't work....

 These two devours batteries like cookie monsters.
But I must admit, they are cool toys. The home bowling arcade is fun for the whole family.
And the remote control car, which is ALWAYS a favourite for boys, is controlled with a steering wheel, not by the typical console with buttons.

This is one of the best toy I got for them last year. NO batteries!
I got this from Typo when they released a series of nostalgic retro toys.
It's tabletop pool game, just a tad bigger than an A4 size, and the quality is superb.
Darren particularly enjoys playing this, and there were many times he surprised us with his accuracy.

Who doesn't know Jenga. 
They don't usually look so calm like this. Towards the precarious end, both of them are like squirming and fidgeting nervously, and screaming JENGA JENGA like crazy. Haha.

Another favourite non-battery toy we play is the ubiquitous Lego. Thank goodness they are not really crazy about it or I will be broke! Speaking of which, Legos' value increase higher than gold's! That's why a lot of people are investing and trading Legos now. Mad!

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