Wednesday, February 03, 2016


I have been buying a lot of workbooks for my boys to do after they come home from school.
*evil mom*
I have to. Daniel's Bahasa and Darren's Chinese are atrocious.
Malu if they say they are Chinese Malaysians.
And God Bless Facebook and my friends who posts pages and links for primary school related learning materials.
I also made my own English worksheets.I searched a few grammar websites, compiled and created my own questions. Felt so accomplished!
So, every weeknights before I sleep, I check their work and for Daniel, I'd explain his mistakes and corrections by writing it on the workbook. Something like texting, but on site. Hahaha. Then I assign him new pages to do for the next day. And on weekends, I try to tutor them in person.

So these kinda occupy my craft station now. I have not been crafting lately, so no pretties to show and tell for now .

The only craft I have been busy with is designing rubber stamps. So far so good!

Huat ah!

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