Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Soft Serve By Grace @ Jalan Trus

UPDATE: This calming place has ceased operation.

Another dessert adventure. First, a little confession. I thought the shop's name is soft serve. We visited the shop last month, and ONLY NOW I FOUND OUT it was By Grace, one of those 'Top 10 Cool and Hip Places/Cafes in Johor Bahru". *embarrassed grin*

The interior is very simple, minimalist and soothing. I like.

The husband interrogating the staff. All these hipster places are opened by young entrepreneurs. I really salute them. I had no guts, and still don't.

This is the Osmanthus Charcoal Ice cream with wolfberries or what cool people call it now, goji berries. Well, we scientific people call them Lycium barbarum. HA!

When they served us, they explained how we can maximise the culinary creation.
The foam is flavoured. I can't remember if there were a protocol to eat it, we just savoured it our way. 



The husband was observing them as they prepared the ice creams. He said they really took meticulous care, passion and pleasure in making them. Well, I'm sure we'll be back for more!

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