Friday, January 01, 2016

Goodbye and Thank You 2015!

I left my job on the 17th December, for the rest of the year.. teehee. It's the annual Josie-goes-home-for-the-holidays. It's true what people say, you are busier when you are NOT working. Hence, my long absence here.

Here's my 2015 in summary:

1. Darren's first year in kindergarten.
2. Collected new IC.
3. Celebrated BTI's 25th Year Anniversary Gala Dinner, which I left early because I was suffering from some weird reflux/bad hiccups attack.
4. My maternal grandfather passed away. Missed my company's retreat at Batam.
5. Started my own carpool.
6. Got Daniel a folding bicycle for his birthday.
7. Became enchanted with Jalan Tan Hiok Nee.
8. Went to my first Big Bad Wolf book sale.
9. Became an aunt. The husband's sis had her first child.
10. The husband got his Ducati. A dream come true, he said.
11. Got an Apple Watch for my dad's birthday.
12. Celebrated my old school, Convent's 90th Anniversary. Met a lot of old schoolmates and teachers.
13. Made mooncakes for the first time.
14. Started cooking a lot. Don't know what came over me. Made my first quiche, tried some new recipes I learnt from AFC. And ahem... they were good, yo.
15. A beloved leader, director, mentor and godmother, Prof Miranda Yap, passed away, 4 years after a stroke.
16. Had an issue with paypal. Apparently, my account balance exceeded an amount which required me to submit some documents to prove that I am the owner of my account. This led to...
17. Registering 'aruri' as a sole proprietor company.
18. Got into a costume frenzy. Made Darren a Lego-man costume. Made myself a Darth Vader costume. Phew, enough dy.
19. Celebrated our 11th Marriage Anniversary.
20. Received my 15-Year Long Service Award gift voucher.
21. Made my first batch of readymade stamps. They were almost sold out within the first 3 months. Made a larger 2nd batch. Oh the joy.
22. Went on a mega family trip, father's side, to Vietnam. (will post this soon!)
23. Spent Christmas Eve shopping and dining with mummy dearest and the two boys, in Singapore. Took MRT to see Orchard's Xmas lights. Fail! It was too crowded.
24. Got a Guess Ceramics watch for mummy dearest.
25. Received a cheque from Google Adsense for blogging. USD104. Not bad!
26. Ordered an Arai helmet from Amazon Japan. Launched myself into a roller coaster anxiety ride when I learnt that I should apply for an Approved Permit. Then I learnt I could be taxed for its high value. The husband saved the day. And the helmet was his reward.

And lastly, I'm proud of my Etsy shop's achievement this year. Not much, but it makes me happy :)

That's about it. Welcome 2016!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Ally,

Happy 2016.

Carpool sounds like a good idea. Is it really convenient and safe considering we may not know the background of people who join our car?

How do we go about sourcing for carpool passengers?