Tuesday, December 08, 2015

The Library@CountryGarden, UDesserts and SangKaya

Recently we chanced upon some hip places in Johor Bahru to eat nice things.

First, Sangkaya. There is only one outlet here in JB, at Mount Austin, near Tebrau City AEON. Speaking of which... IKEA IS COMING TO JB!!!!! And it's said to be next to the AEON building. I.CANNOT.WAIT. Should I prepare a shopping list or a resume? Can't decide!

OK, back to the delish coconut ice-cream. Sangkaya is a home-grown brand, must support! It uses coconut milk as the base, and is suitable for vegans.

We tried the signature ice-cream and the Cha Yen ice cream, which is a Thai milk tea infused coconut ice cream. They are basically four little scoops of ice cream on a coconut husk, and you can choose 3 toppings. RM 9.90 each, quite an indulgence I'd say. The taste? YUMZ.

Another place for sweet tooth, UDesserts. There are a few branches around JB but the one we always go to is at Sutera. We didn't know they renovated the place. Seems like every cafe in JB is starting to look like the ones in KL, or should I say... stereotypical. Nonetheless, it's comfortable and the desserts are good.

Confessions from a suaku. I did not know there is a Johny Rockets in JB. We have been to one in The Curve, and at that time, I have not even heard of the franchise. Their signature is the dancing. So when we went to Country Garden to look for some cool cafe to try, we found The Library, which was joined to Franco and Johny Rockets. I only knew when the staff started dancing! Haha.

Look at my country bumpkin boys. I should've dressed them up in some swanky cool clothes, but it was before bedtime. 

No wonder it's called The Library. There are many books you can read there.

 The exterior. 

Hah, I didn't know Country Garden has changed so much. Quite a hip place!

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