Wednesday, December 02, 2015

School holidays

I think every mother scratches her head when it comes to school holiday activities to fill her kids' days while she is at work. Well, same thing if she's a stay home mom too.

Basically, I just don't want them to watch too much TV and play too much gadget games.

So I drew up a timetable for them. I tell you, children LOVE timetables. Yes, it is true that children, especially boys, strive in a structured organization with routines and hierarchy.

I'm a fair mom, so I allocated a fair amount of time for TV and games. I also allocated time for them to play with physical toys because I spent so much money on Legos and that semi-automated Nerf gun which required an expensive battery.

Apart from fun, they will also have to read their books and do their workbooks. Oh, did I tell you I enrolled them in Kumon just this month? So, they have worksheets to complete on a daily basis. I love that.. hahah.

And in the mornings, they have to water the plants, and spend some time with their pet terrapins.. OUTSIDE. They learnt their lesson a few months ago when the terrapins suffered from eye infections and didn't eat for 2 weeks. I brought the shelly friends to the vet and was prescribed antibacterial eyedrops and was told that if their condition don't improve, they will die off.

OMG. So I started to research on everything about terrapins. I thought they are pretty hardy to look after! So apparently, you HAVE to let it bask in sunlight everyday, and clean their tank and refill with fresh clean water.

Thank goodness, after a week of treatment, they recovered! The boys could see how serious it was when the terrapins refused to eat, and when I told them they will die if they continue to starve. They saw how upset I was too. So when the terrapins took their first bite in weeks, we were so elated!

So now, their morning routine is prevent-terrapins-from-dying-under-the-irresponsible-clutches-of-the-great-masters.

I would like to introduce them to gardening and regrowing vegetables, but first I need to buy soil and pots. Fingers crossed!

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