Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Replacement Lodge & Kitchen Johor Bahru

Remember I blogged about this cool place? Last weekend, I finally went there for food, with ma boys.

It was quite packed! But what I love most about that eatery is the ambiance and space. They don't overcrowd the space with too many tables, so it gives the patrons a breathable and relaxed feeling. 

Love the simple minimalist interior.

Bonus points from parents of active children. The boys kept themselves occupied with this...

...while I kept myself busy with Kinfolk magazines, looking all artsy-fartsy and like a cool mom who got it all-together. HAHAHA *roll eyes*

OK, I have to tell you. The reason why that foosball table is there, is because the wait time for your meals are pretty draggy. I waited almost 30 minutes for the panini and croque madame. They served the cake first, so luckily we filled our stomachs a bit before the main meal. Terbalik wan.

Frankly, the cake did not impress me. The boys soon realized that too, because if it's a good cake, they'd be fighting over it. You want a really good chocolate cake? Get the one from Verbena (Sutera Mall, next to the main entrance, and another outlet in Kulaijaya). This one, not so much oomph.

Roasted chicken panini. Good!

My croque madame. It was OK, quite hard to cut, and quite salty. Our first experience with croque madame was at Maco Vintage Cafe, and I'd rate that one better.

Love their water bottles. It looks exactly like the amber chemical bottles I handle at work. Hahaha.

That's all for my review! I hope to try more hipster cafes every weekend.

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