Wednesday, August 12, 2015

My SG50 Weekend

Last Sunday, Singapore, bless her, celebrated her 50th year of independence. Heng ah you pulled out in 1965.

I tumpang bangga too, and spent the glorious 4-days weekend doing everything I had wanted to do.

I cooked, baked, tutored Daniel in Bahasa, watched DVDs and of course, crafted. Heheh.

And here's my kebanggaan of the weekend...

Finally!! These babies weren't made overnight hor. All the drawings, editing, PS-ing, stamp-making (done by my stamp-maker in town), wood sawing, sand papering, sticker-making, cutting, sticking, decoupaging and photo-taking were a two-months-long process. All done at a leisurely pace.

One project fulfilled!

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