Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Simple and Carefree Weekend

I, ok, WE, baked some butter cookies. I rarely bake because my baking-esteem is very low, ever since I failed Betty Crocker's Cake mix. I mean, WHO FAILS Better Crocker's mixes, just add water for goodness sake. I blame my small pathetic little oven (I did not say this in front of 'her'). 
So other than butter cookies, I bake chocolate chip cookies too. That's all. 

Spidey inspecting the neh-nehs.

Oh I love evenings in my neighbourhood. There are no tall buidlings around us, so we really see the full sky at the padang. I always make it a point to take them to the playground, even on weekdays when I'm back before 7. That's the time when the mosque nearby sounds the azan and the boys know it's time to go home. See, no need mummy to keep shouting, "Time to go home!"

There's this coconut tree with dried leaf still attached to it, and strong enough for the boys to swing on it.

And our jalan is the best one in the neighbourhood because it's sort of like an inner lane, between two main Jalans, so they can ride their bicycles up and down without the traffic worry.

Ever since he learnt how to ride, he has been performing cute little tricks...haha.

The road was freshly tarred. By the way, have you noticed the recent active road-tarring all over Johor Bahru? Even back alleys get serviced. Why, suddenly got budget ah.

That's all folks!

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