Wednesday, August 05, 2015

That tone...

Has your spouse ever snapped at you rudely when you ask or comment on something? Or at a tone similar to an impatient and frustrated parent responding to a child's incessant questioning?

Last night at the dinner table, I merely said that the toilet's tank is leaking, and it's been leaking the whole night. That's it. Period.

The husband, God knows what came over him, snapped. In front of our boys, in front of his father.

I kept silent after that all throughout dinner. Strangely, everyone was quietly eating. Usually, Darren would talk a lot at the dinner table, but though he was oblivious to the snapping, he was eating his meal without a sound. I think the husband sensed my displeasure. Who cares, I just decided to put on my resting bitch face.

Because I ain't gonna take that tone with me, mister.

Ok, in his defense, the husband is not the kind who snaps rudely. But he grew up with a father who speaks like that to him and his mom sometimes. No one likes to be spoken to like that right. I think that's why he likes me, because I'm soft spoken and gentle. Haha.

So maybe last night, his father's gene got active in him or something. So I shut him out. It's usually my sign of protest.

Yeah, the resting bitch face rocks.

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